Defrost With Science

It’s a freezing winter morning. You’re running late for work. The traffic report lists problems across all your routes. You make it into your car and look out to see, well, nothing. Your windshield is completely iced over. It may be tempting to start squirting that windshield wiper fluid and dragging your blades across the caked-on ice, but don’t do it! Not only does this damage your windshield wipers, but it can also scratch your windshield itself

Is Your Windshield Installed Safely?

Jeanne Fransway was just 25 years old when her recently replaced windshield failed and she was thrown from her vehicle. WCCO-TV in Minneapolis talked to her brother John and conducted a junkyard walk-through with Butch Lysholm, a consultant with Occupational Automotive Industry Related Education, about how common and dangerous faulty windshield installations are. They also conducted…